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MY STAND-IN: Chức Nghiệp Thế Thân Trailer
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MY STAND-IN: Chức Nghiệp Thế Thân

My Stand-In

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Đang phát: Trailer

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Quốc gia: Thái Lan

Đạo diễn: Banchorn VorasatareeKongkiat Khomsiri

Diễn viên: Billy Possathorn WittanyaprechapolInntouch Naphat ChalermphonphakdeeJirakit ThawornwongLotte Chaiyut PanchukiatPhuripan SapsangsawatPoompat Iam-samangPorsche Tanathorn CharoenratanapornWinner Tanatat Kunaneksin

Thể loại: Chính kịch

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Joe, the stunt man of famous actor Tong, happened to meet Ming. Having developed a deep relationship, Joe didn't realise that Ming had always seen him as Tong's replacement. When the truth is revealed, Joe has to take work on a foreign set where an accident takes his life.When he wakes, Joe's in the body of a young man likewise named Joe who'd met with an accident on the same day. With help, he's soon living the same life as he was before—with the same people—and he meets Ming once more. In this life, Ming wants Joe back at his side as before and Joe doesn't know why. Ming, who's kept all memories of the old Joe, tries to find the truth about Joe's continued life in order to return Joe to his side and give him the explanation he never had the chance to.

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